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Basic Patentability Search   $400
for 4 hours of work, including
search, analysis, and consultation.

You cannot patent a previously known invention, whether it was patented or not.  I offer brief searches for patents, applications, and products that could prevent patenting your invention.  You can pay for a more exhaustive search, but no search can guarantee to find the closest prior art because unpublished patent applications are not available to searchers, but the Examiner may use them after they publish.  So for most applicants I recommend a tradeoff between expense and perfection.  I will do the best search I can in 4 hours of work.

Free Patent Search (Do it yourself)

You can perform a free patent search at Google Patents or Google Patents Advanced and other sites including the US Patent Office website.  Training and experience are helpful in patent searching.  You may not be able to do it as well as I can, but I encourage you to try.  Start with key word searches, then determine the classes/subclasses for completing the search.  Follow relevant forward and backward patent references from each patent to others.  Also, search in Google and Amazon for relevant non-patent literature and products.  Save your results, preferably in pdf format.

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