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•  David G. Maire, Patent attorney
    I have had the pleasure of working with John Stewart of JVS Inventions for over a decade. I am a patent attorney in Orlando, Florida, and I use John for overflow patent prosecution work. John has prepared countless new patent applications, office action responses and appellant briefs for me over the years. John’s work is consistently of the highest quality, he is impeccably attentive to due dates, and his pricing is very reasonable. I most appreciate the fact that John has the ability to work in a broad range of technologies, and I have given him mechanical, electrical, chemical, aerodynamic, and materials technology inventions with equal success. Moreover, John’s ability to produce the patent drawings along with the specification makes my life simpler. I enthusiastically recommend John Stewart to anyone who has patent prosecution needs.

•  Cal Phillips, Inventor
    John Stewart has been my patent agent since 1994. He has successfully written 13 patents for me, and I believe he is the best patent agent available. His ability to write strong, broad patent claims allowed me to have protection from others for the life of my patents. This opportunity to to have exclusive rights on my inventions, has allowed me to launch and maintain a successful multi-million dollar business. John is extremely honest, trustworthy and ethical. Due to his integrity, I believe that he would never mislead anyone. I am currently requesting that he file a new patent application on my latest invention. I highly recommend a highly qualified patent agent, such as John Stewart, over a more expensive patent lawyer, due to John's prompt communications, reasonable fees, and sole focus on patent applications.

•  Jack Penny
    I didn't have any idea where to start to acquire a patent. The more I read the more confusing it was. I found the JVS website and thought John would be a good starting point. During my first meeting with John, it was apparent he was very experienced with the patent process and hired him on the spot. John's documentation was very well written and his drawings were impeccable. The drawings were so good, they helped me better understand what my device was capable of.

•  Jerome Sullivan IV
    John assisted me in a utility patent in 2013.  It's hard to imagine someone with more knowledge of the patent system while still being as accessible as he is.  He will go out of his way to help you.  When I showed my patent to my stepfather (an engineer for Lockheed Martin with several patents of his own) he said, "Wow, you really got quick turn around on that!"  "I had a great patent agent," I replied.  Thanks John.

•  Skip Perry
    I used JVS Inventions in 2012 for a product utility patent. I received my patent in 1.5 years on the first submission...most take much longer. JVS is very professional and thorough in writing and advising through out the patent process while anwsering all my questions/concerns. My patented invention is secure and seeing excellent success thanks to JVS Inventions. I definitely would use this company again and highly recommend them.

•  Satish Nagarajaiah, PhD
    John did an outstanding job with the patent filing and securing its award. I am thinking of filing another application for a US Patent with him as the patent agent. I highly recommend him.

•  Tracy Hoeft
    I really enjoyed working with you and thought you did awesome work. I have done a few other patents since, and all were more challenging with the agents I used. (JVS Inventions was fully booked, unavailable for new projects at that time)

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