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I will provide a quote based on $120/hour for the work needed, considering complexity.

My average fees for a utility patent application:
  - Novelty search $400
  - Application preparation $2000-3000 with formal drawings
  - Argument $800 per argument if needed
  - Issue $200.

Patent office fees for utility patent (micro entity - see below)
  - Utility patent application filing $430
  - Issue $250.

When comparing my fees to other practitioners, make sure to compare apples to apples.  Do they include drawings, patent office filing fee, arguments, etc.?

US Patent Office (USPTO) fees depend on the "size" of the applicant -- micro, small, or large.   "Micro" applicants must make less than $169,000 yearly, and have filed less than 5 previous patent applications, or are educational institutions, or where the invention is or will be assigned to an educational institution.   USPTO fees are subject to change.

Normally you file either a utility or design application -- not both -- but sometimes both can be obtained.   Sometimes it is beneficial to file a provisional application, followed within a year by a utility application.

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