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ABOUT:  I have a BS in Computer Science and extensive work experience in software.  I worked for a patent law firm for 10 years, and handled a wide range of advanced technologies - gas turbines; turbine components, materials, and controls; wind turbines; combined cycle power plants; medical imaging; selective catalytic reduction; hearing aids, optics, electronics, and others.  Free initial consultation.  I will give you a quote based on $100/hour for the work needed.

I have experience in product design, production, and marketing, and can make suggestions in these areas.

I normally draft the drawings myself.  This gives me a clear understanding of the product, and allows me to optimize the drawings and specification together.  I can import CAD drawings made by a client.

A U.S. PATENT AGENT is a specialist who has passed an extensive examination for registration with the U.S. Patent Office (the same exam taken by patent attorneys), and can file and prosecute (argue) patent applications for clients. They are not attorneys, and thus cannot provide litigation, licensing, copyright, or trademark services, but are normally less expensive than attorneys. They must keep client information confidential.

You can verify my registration at https://oedci.uspto.gov/OEDCI/.  Click on "Patent Practitioner Search" and enter my registration number 38627.

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